Do you have a product you want to sell on the Blockchain Ecosystem?

Showcase can help - you can use the power of blockchain to make your business grow. The best part is you can get started for free.
No product to sell? No problem. We have pre-approved products you can distribute or resell on our Blockchain Ecosystem.

There is no fee to begin and browse.‍


step one

Submit a Product

Login to the Showcase Planning Hub to submit your product for pre-approval. The form takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

step two

schedule a showcase

Once your product has been pre-approved by our team, you can schedule and plan your product showcase presentation.

step three

showcase a product

Host a virtual showcase presentation for interested resellers and distributors. Get instant feedback and follow-up request. Products with ratings of 75% or higher are approved and onboarded onto the blockchain exchange.

customer service support

Built-in call centers, automated chat bots, and access to thousands of potential distributors and resellers ready to support and expand your brand.

increase revenue

Our Blockchain as a Service and Exchange Toolkit saves operational costs by bundling CRM, MRP, shipping, marketing tools, and more while increasing sales with our AI powered ideal customer profiles.

Ideal customer profiles

The blockchain ecosystem gets you infront of millions of ideal customers with a dedicated impression. Our AI knows who is ready to buy and when.

1.7 B

ideal customer profiles




distributors & Resellers


customer support

ideal customers

we know how to match business owners to their ideal customers

Our team has decades of experience in using cutting edge technologies to create tools that have helped midmarket and enterprise companies connect with their ideal customers for years. We have harnessed that unique experience and paired it with our one of a kind innovation stack for small and medium business.

Blockchain exchange toolkit

The Blockchain as a Service value

  • Call to Action Page
  • Distributor Highlight in Showcase
  • Ideal Customer Profile Matches
  • Access to Vetted Resellers and Distributors
  • Built-In SEO, MRP, CRM, and Shipping Coordination tools integrated out of the box
  • AI Market Analysis
  • Compaction Technology Speed and Performance
  • Customer Service Support
  • And more...

Resellers at the Ready


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